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Heavy Metal Thunder

If you're taking a bite (*)

At the speed of light

You're shaking your heads to the band

There's a dare on your horse

But you're not on the force

We're taking this think to the ground

In the heat of the night (**)

When you're fists are alight

Touching temples of steel

And your body's on fire

About to expire

But you don't feel the pressure of pain

Pull your head back (***)

Hold your hands high

Shake your body

And it's too loud

And you put them up fill your heads

With heavy metal thunder

Heavy metal thunder

On the wings of an eagle (****)

You're hoping to fly

Holding your hands to the sky

On a blue sea of venom

You turn to the band with

Your banners and skirts blowing high

If you think something more (*****)

You'll come down to the front

Then you'll do as they say

Where an army of cars

Are surrounded by lights

Turning my face to the ground

Nobody stands in our way

(Repeat *** twice)

(Repeat *)

(Repeat **)

(Repeat ***)

(Repeat ****)

(Repeat *****)

(Repeat ***)


Heavy Metal Thunder / Saxon

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