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Yesterdays Gone

You left me standing here staring at the view

Did you think that I was coming after you

I might have been that dumb a hundred times before

You can take your stinking at attitude and shove it out the door

Shove it out the door


Im tired of your lying and fooling around

Youve pushed me too far Im standing my ground

Ive got news for you bary yesterdays gone

Yesterdays gone

I cant belive that you would put me down this way

Theres not a word of truth in anything you say

I gave you everything and you threw it in my face

Youre running on your own now baby see who wins the race

See who wins the race


Guitar solo

I saw you yesterday out with someone new

Youve got him on your hook dancing to your tune

Do you think of me when hes in your bed

If you think Im coming back to you youre off your pretty head

Off your pretty head

Chorus repeat


Yesterdays Gone / Saxon

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