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Walking Through Tokyo


Walking through Tokyo

Visions of the Samurai

Walking through Tokyo

Looking through the dragon?s eye

I had a dream about the mighty shogun

Faded visions of the Samurai

Mist of silk reflections of the city

Dance across the silver blade

Silent temples driving my emotions

Voices whisper from another time

Mystic dreams stretching out before me

Take me through the dragon?s eye


I?m drifting slowly on the winds of Kamikaze

To the emperor on wings of gold

Cryptic lessons from a long forgotten city

Guard the passage to the inner soul

Sacred pountains reaching to the heavens

Holds the secret in its frozen hand

Standing proud silent and majestic

Cast its spell far across the land


Guitar solo

In my dream I can see the darkness

Draws the veil across the painted sky

As the Geisha gives on dying pleasure

I leave the magic in the land of jade

Chorus repeat


Walking Through Tokyo / Saxon

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