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Someone Should

Young Albert was searching for something

A little bit out of the ordinary

Some kind of break in his dull routine

One day he took leave of his senses

Dropped everything, climbed over his fences

To find out himself if their grass was green

Someone should tell him to go back

He may have taken leave of his senses

Tell him to go back

He's liable to forget where he is

Little Audrey was certainly restless

Getting nearly everything but needing next to nothing

Nothing apart from a change of pace

It never entered her mind when it left her

That she might miss that pomp and splendour

Those things she'd seen but could never face

Someone should tell her to go back

She may have taken leave of her senses

Tell her to go back

She's likely to forget where she is

Tell them to go back

Because they may have taken leave of their senses

Tell them to go back

They're likely to forget where they are


Someone Should / Saga

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