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The Nineties

(lyrics by Michael Sadler)

Good afternoon! May I introduce myself?

With a story to be told you may need help

I know you were a headline for some time

But now you're part of a motionless mime

Lights have dimmed and times have changed

And the world is watching a different stage

Don't you think it's time we had a younger face?

You can slip away with no disgrace

So tell me ...

How long should we wait around

Don't you understand, when you're down we're down?

The memory of a lasting fame

Is better fed on reruns, no shame

So tell me ...

There's one thing I must know

Tell me why you can't let go

There's one thing we must know

Tell me, why won't you let go?

How long do you think you'll last

Living with a continuous past

As you stare at us we say,


The Nineties / Saga

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