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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Failure For Gods

have faith in their words,from your weakness they are born
messiahs to the masses,but failures for all

send millions to worship,send millions to die
devoted, they follow in blindness
lost,they can not find their way out

eminent...immortal.crowned by our hands

bringers of terror,all will cower in fear
bringers of war,their people perish and die

bringers of plague.the faithful wither and fade
bringers of famine,the hunger grows and grows
cure not our ills..feed on our souls..

promise eternity..eternity never comes..

their lies will fill the chaos,while humanity
falls around them.impoverished,in droves they'll
grovel.in confusion and fear they flourish.

theyve failed to lead the way out of darkness.
their words mean nothing.your gods are dead

let them rape you,let them rule you.they will
take you.youre failures for gods.no promise land,
no love towards man no perfect end youre
failure for gods.

can they not see the deception and the tyranny.

so desperate theyve become the victims not the
victors.can they not see the tragedy in their
beliefs.the failures you worship are the
failures youve become.
eminent...immortal.crowned by our hands.


Failure For Gods / Immolation

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