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Дайана Росс Дайана Росспевица

Brown Baby

(Oscar Brown Jr.)

Brown baby

Brown baby

As you grow up

I want you to drink from the plenty cup

I want you to stand up

Tall and proud

I want you to speak up

Speak up clear and cloud

Brown baby

Brown baby

As years roll by

Walk with your head held high

I want you to live by

Live by the justice code

I want you to walk down

Walk down the freedom road

Brown baby

Brown baby

Now baby

Lie away

Lie away sleeping

Lie away here in my arms

While your mommy and daddy protect you

And keep you save from harm

Brown baby

Brown baby

It makes me so glad

That you will have things

I've never had

When out of men's hearts

All the hate is hurled

You're gonna live

You're gonna live in a better world

Brown baby


Brown baby


Sweet thing

Lie away sleeping

Дайана Росс

Brown Baby / Дайана Росс

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