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Ivy League

I'm waitin' for you, I'm makin' town

I'm walkin' for you, over ground

I won't see you walkin' away

I can't stand you actin' this way ... I want

I wanna see you, all the way at all

I play hidin' the whole way all the place at all


Mmmm me I'm, soakin' there, ahhh now over around

I won't see you walkin' away, I won't see you every night

And, I'm not the same, oh

Going away you

Runnin', runnin' away you

All the way, at all

I think, runnin' to hear you

I'm glad, I don't hear you

All the way at all

I'm thinkin'

I soakin' down

I'm lookin' for you

Up town

I'm livin' with you, and zip your gone

Everybody hittin' bottom

Yeah, I won't see you walkin' my way

I won't catch you to me every day

I won't see you you walkin' away, at all


I won't cry

I won't lie

I know everybody's going there to cry

I won't cry

The Rolling Stones

Ivy League / The Rolling Stones

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