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Condemned to Hell

Welcome to my room my dear I'll show you a good time

It's too bad that you never heard my fetish is a crime

There's no need to worry bitch, just lay there and relax

And as you reach your climax I'll be reaching for my axe!!

With five easy slices, you're in six lovely pieces

Bodily dismemberment as passion increases

So you wanna play games do ya?

Well just who do you think you're fucking with!

You see I've learned everything the hard way

Yes I've been through hell and back

And I believe the time has come to show you why you're here

You see the weapon in my hands and you know your death is near

When I tied your hands and feet you thought it was exciting

But now you know you cannot stop, your body's disuniting

Who's laughing now you fool?

You had your chance, and that's it!

Expect no mercy from this maniac

Well you're fucking history bitch!

First I'll slice your tender leg off just above the thighs

Then I remove your slender arms my passion running high

Last I will decapitate your pretty little head

A masterpiece of blood and flesh lies twitching on my bed

Why do you make me do these things?

When you know I never wanted to hurt you

But no, you wouldn't listen, would you?

Well you stupid fuck, look at you now!

Rigor Mortis

Condemned to Hell / Rigor Mortis

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