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New Way To Love

Maybe we don't need to share the same roof, maybe

If you really love me, you don't need me 'round for proof, baby

If I go to the desert for some clean dry air

We could have ourselves a long distance love affair

We'll take it anywhere, a nationwide pair

Well If your living together isn't working out

I'd rather live in Nebraska, than keep livin' here in doubt

I'll take an alternate route, I'll find a new way

There are places to go that we've never dreamed of

We're gonna find a new way to love


We're gonna find a new way to love, find out what satisfies us

The good old ways just ain't good enough

We're gonna find a new way to love

Maybe we could learn to like the same things, maybe

Discover the joy that togetherness brings, baby

We could share our records, we could see the same plays

Even plan our vacations for the very same days

We'll put our lives in phase, livin' in a happiness haze

Well it may not be easy, but then nothin' else was

Ask a mountain climber why he does what he does

He'll tell you just because, I need to find a new way

Hey now we've got a mountain of our own to rise above

We're gonna find a new way to love



Maybe we don't need to see eye to eye, maybe

We don't need to vote for the very same guy, baby

You can move to the left whenever I keep right

I'm a big bad wolf, you can be Snow White

I've got a huge appetite, you wanna eat light

I'm down here beggin' for more, you tell me you've had enough

We gotta find a new way to love

chorus repeats 4x

We're gonna find a new way to love

Reo Speedwagon

New Way To Love / Reo Speedwagon

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