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Lay Me Down

I've played your game

And I've played it well.

I'll be another fool

To hang upon your wall.

I laid my heart out

Like an open book.

It's a simple thing and don't take much

To crack it open and bleed.

Lay me down.

Lay me down when you're through with me.

Lay me down.

Let me bleed when you're through with me.

Don't let me think you're wrong,

Just let me fall down.

I'll pick myself up again.

It's the kindest thing you can do for me,

So, woman, won't you lay me down.

I lied to myself.

Tried to believe in you.

But it's hard to rely on the ghost of someone you hardly even knew

You bring things out

Just to bring me down.

Then you twist them about and shove 'em in my face

Til my eyes can't see any good.


Reo Speedwagon

Lay Me Down / Reo Speedwagon

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