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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Snake Eyes

You took it for granted, you thought I would leave

Your friends were in the bar, you picked a fight

You never expected that I was protected

You never saw the danger in your sight

In shock, your friends all around you

See you lying in a pool of red

It's quiet, the bar becomes silent

They can't accept the fact that you're dead

Rednecks, your friends all started crying

Too bad they never realized

Justice, my shotgun justice left you paralyzed

You thought I had left but I went to my car

I came back with my shotgun too

Returned in a minute, I fired my rounds

And now there's nothing left of you

I never look for trouble, but if trouble comes around

I've got the shortest fuse of any psychopath in town

You should't talk to strangers, there might be a price to pay

Too late to change your attitude you just got blown away

Itchy trigger, finger I reacted instantly

No one else will have to deal with your mentality

A cancer on society, you'll pick no fights again

You're just a mess of rotting flesh whose time has come my friend

Life is just a memory, you got what you deserved

You thought you were a tough guy, thought you'd get on someone's nerves

Everybody left the bar, you called those traitors friends

No one came to help you, no one came to your defense

Your friends all learned a lesson, too bad it come too late

Now they know the consequence of those of us who hate

You stare blank at the ceilling, you forgot to close your eyes

This is how a scumbag dies!


Snake Eyes / Razor

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