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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Jimi the Fly

Forces beyond your control

expose you to hazardous waste

Arson, the deviants play,

igniting the lead that you taste

Acid, the rain starts to fall,

smokescreen develops above

Nature, the balance destroyed,

killing the life that you love

Legions protest in the streets

The people aren't willing to die

Riots, the masses are angry

Exposing the corporate lie (again)

Fighting the ignorant scum,

they do anything that they please

Fatcats, they don't have the time

to help us prevent this disease

Violence grows with the problem,

an issue the big shots ignore

Anger, the people revolt,

the legions will even the score

Terrorism by another name, the end result's the same

Nobody wants to drink the acid rain, no way!


Jimi the Fly / Razor

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