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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Instant Death

I deliver images of stark reality

Reflections of the human race and our hypocrisy

questioning the reasons why our video was banned

Severed from the airwaves in our home and native land


Mention sex or violence and the censors get concerned

Insulting our intelligence. I guess we haven't learned

Why do goofs with hang-ups have control of what we think

This so-called free society's a ship about to sink

Look and then you'll see

Decisions being made for you and me

That's why we're here. because we care

We tell it like it is and we aren't going anywhere

Don't let us down if you're the same

Get your point of view across and beat them at their game

We've got to fight to stay alive

Exposing all the hypocrites until they can't survive

I've heard empty promises from those I used to trust

So called friends who lie to you because they feel they must

Tell you whet you wanna hear then take you for a ride

It's not my job to seam and rob your wallets with a lie

In protest raise your voices 'cause it's time to take a stand

Challenge their authority. we'll take the upper hand


Instant Death / Razor

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