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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Iron Legions

You made the trip to catch the band

We better do the best we can

We're glad you came to trash and see

Our raw attack of pure energy

Iron Hammer, in your face

Wall of metal shakes the place

Total volume, full scale attack

Once you're here ain't going back

Now the power's in your hands

A message for all metal fans

I know this sounds a little cliche

But I don't give a damn anyway!

So let this be a lesson to you

Though we leave we're never through

If you help to keep metal alive

The underground will always survive

I pledge: to keep it alive

I promise: metal will thrive

I swear: myself to the cause

I'll teach: all the metal laws


Iron Legions / Razor

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