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Ill Only Say It Once

You know what my problem is

'cause you know everything

You say that we play too fast,

you say that I can't sing

Tell the world your expert lies

The speedfreaks know you're blind

I don't play for critics,

I don't care what's on your mind

I disagree

Sound the death knell for the bands

if they don't like your face

If they hurt your feelings

you proclaim them a disgrace

Weasels have no business

interfering with our taste

Tell the truth in your reviews,

I've got no time to waste

If a critic doesn't like the music that you play

Forget about his point of view, don't matter anyway

If they feel offended just because I wrote this song

Then you'll see some bad reviews,

but now you know they're wrong

We disagree


Ill Only Say It Once / Razor

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