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White Noise

Backstabbit turncoat

I caught you in the act

lowdown lying scumbag

I'm gonna break your back

you thought that you could pull it off

but I saw through your game

now my hands are on your throat

you've got yourself to blame

Violent restitution: you ain't seen nothing yet

violent restitution: I'm playing back the clebt

First I choke you 'til you puke

then I'll gouge your eyes

then it's time to break your spine

my promices aren't lies

and when you think it's over

and my debt in paid

I'll smash your face to pieces

with my trusty spade

Here I come

now you're dead

get your woman

in my bed

now I laugh

while you cry

it's been fun

but now you die... DIE!


White Noise / Razor

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