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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Violence Condoned

Energy, you're hit by the train

A casualty of the social war

Artillery, the weapons I sling

Send you crashing and bleeding on the floor

Arteries, implode under skin

I'm filling all the weaklings full of lead

Anarchy all the war mongers free

United by our total hatred

Try with all your might, we never can be bound

Synchronize your beating, with our hateful sound

On your wounded knees we deny you all your rights

One more neck to squeeze we put you in the vice

Congregate, the loyal stand strong

A hatred that defies all written laws

Incriminate, accusations cast out

We sentence you to die by the saw

Abominate, our powerless foe

We are the black cloud over your head

Annihilate, with unstoppable force

United by our social hatred

Society our enemy, the rules which we must fight

The only way to bring out change is challenging their might

We will not lose this crucial clash and we will never give

Instead we hate don't hesitate, don't let the bastards live

Die hard, the attitude lives

The attitude will breed among the strong

Destroy, all attempts by the law

To make you live a life that is wrong

Aggravate, society's pawns

And let them know that you will repay

Enforce, the beliefs that you hold

And you'll live to fight another day


Violence Condoned / Razor

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