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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Iron Hammer

They told us it would never be

And man kind's race would live free

Free of pain and free of war

And now the sun will shine no more

Deep deception covered with lies

Mass pollutants filling the skies

Minorities' warnings forgotten by all

Truth comes too soon and majorities fall

Living hell, unchained fire, destruction and decay

Burning eyes, burning flesh, prophets in dismay

See them cry, watch them die, in no unending fame

Instant death claims their lives, progression is to blame

Technology the attribute

To futuristic solitude

To flood our mass with unknown gas

And hope the outcome would surpass

Widespread chaos gets out of hand

Law and order crushed on demand

Suicidal tendencies an easy way out

Death through starvation, frustration and drought

All these years till they found out

Beyond the shadow of a doubt

And know the final holocaust

The lives of millions are all lost

Deadly mist brings condemnation

Choking air reaps degradation

A final breath, you're breathing dust

Your death unfair, your life unjust


Iron Hammer / Razor

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