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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


Soldier, I've given you orders,

you've got to be ready to fight

Freedom is what we're defending,

because it's our God given right

Living a life without violence,

I know that you wish it was true

Outlaws disturbing the world peace,

now you know what you must do

Leaders who crush human rights

They know what they're doing is wrong

Armies of organized death squads

They march to a different song

Rise up and teach them a lesson

They will not escape from the free

Force them to give up the slaughter

And then you will finally see

The end of the war

People who protest on our side,

they think that all war is insane

Ignoring security threats,

they can't offer an alternate way

No one wants to wage warfare

But sometimes you don't have a choice

No time for being naive

Instead we should speak with one voice

Hoping that we'll see the day

when war is a thing of the past

Power in responsible hands

will see that this war is the last

Solving the issues around us

depends on intelligent thought

Regardless, we need our armed forces

In case a new war must be fought

Even the score, finish this war

No more!


Enforcer / Razor

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