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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Evil Invaders

Searching to find presence of mind

cranking the volume for kicks

inflicting true pain, awaiting the rain

looking for my metal fix

poetic hate, unmerciful fate

bringing my music to life

grinding machine, decibel stream

feeling the point of knife

artform of butchers, eve of the storm

the power is yours for the night

chaos and power true to the form

we're partying through to the light

taking for fools, ignoring the rules

doing what's right in our hearts

searching for truth, preserving our youth

intensity right from the start

hyping our cause, writing our laws

they told me the good times were gone

laugh in their face, such a disgrace

I guess it was the time to move on

fiery eyes the sign of the wise

something I'm doing for fun

can't explain why I've got to try

there's no way that I'm gonna run

playing it fast, just like the past

it's all just a part of my style

you'll never know what makes us go

I guess I'll be hanging a while


Evil Invaders / Razor

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