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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


Raging vultures approaching the clearing

Forbidden from cultures and ground

Striking to kill with power and glory

It's pain within pleasure they've found

Their fingertips drip with the blood of the foe

But grinning, enjoying the sight

They slash opposition for minding metallics

And scream for their pride and their rights

Hammer the walls with the front of your skull

Pound ancient stone 'til you tear down the wall

Find he who rules and imprisons us all

Search forever and find no one at all, Tortured Skull

Tortured Skull, bruised and beaten

Enslaved with lust and steel

Tortured Skull, skinned alive

Murderous speed to conceal

Begin grinding your teeth, scarring your face

Gripping the strength of belief

Distant aggression, the root of our lives

To bring you the tension relief

To rip and slice from the shine of your eyes

Is the law of intelligent minds

Metal rules with it's rampage and violence

With bastards in death of all kinds


Trashdance / Razor

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