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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Challence the Eagles

Well I'm unchained, got the hiss of a rattlesnake

Point the finger, then you incriminate

A lawbreaker on an outbreak rampage

Half witted, half assed, half baked in a rage

An eye for an eye, you are paralyzed

Break neck speed, tougher than you realized

Roam the streets, double dealer born wild

Piss away all you got, lethal juvenile

Cage the Ragers: once assassins brutalized

Place your wagers: one touch and you're paralyzed

An outrager: listen, too fast to chase

Blackguard, what's the charge, throw me into hell

Foaming at the mouth, ragers fill the cell

Clear to me. to you it's rather frightening

My scene, my crowd, skin has started tightening

Underwear is everywhere, anywhere we go

Reckless jailbait, a proud lot at the show

Grab her at the ears and then some, whad'ya catch?

Ragers let'em in if they're up to scratch


Challence the Eagles / Razor

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