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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


Late at night you open the door

Your old man's drunk and madder then hell

Another violent conflict, you never asked for this

The place that you call home is now a cell

He's punching out your mother, and now he turns on you

This always seems to happen every night

You're heading for the kitchen, you grab a butcher knife

This time you know you're gonna have to fight

You warn him that you've had enough

This time he's gonna get what he deserves

He charges. you knife him

You wasted him before you lost your nerve


You stabbed him twenty times. It only seemed like once

Your family's in a state of shock

The bastard lies there lifeless, your mother starts to scream

You know you're gonna have to call the cops

You warned him, that you'd had enough

This time he had to get whet he deserved

He charged you, you knifed him

You wasted him before you lost your nerve


The cops are knocking on your door. the neighbours crowd outside

An ambulance is wailing In the night

They put the cuffs on, read your rights and lock you in their car

They question you about the violent fight

Neighbours start to glare at you, the ambulance arrives

They bring the bloody carcass out in sheets

You had to kill In self-defense you didn't have a choice

You had to carve him like a piece of meat

Seventeen days later, you're sitting in the court

They set you free they knew they should acquit

In spite of how you killed him, your self-defense was just

The punishment you dealt him seemed to fit

Parricide Justified


Psychopath / Razor

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