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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Red Money

We've built up our courage

We won't be discouraged to fight

We struggle for power

Our armies devour the night

They've tried to withstand

But we'll gain command in the end

A crumbling nation

With mass devastation still stands

We strive for the right of our nation's demise

They've tricked and abused us and quoted us lies

Nothing will stop us or get in our way

'til Rebel Onslaught rules again

The hunters are hunted

Our foes are confronted at will

We make our progression

With headstrong obsession to kill

They fed us confusion

Provoked disillusion no more

With devilish crimes

They've rotted our minds to the core

Put forth penetration

Caused extermination and pain

Thoughts of desire

Take all of us higher again

Our rivals conceited

We won't be defeated 'til death

Although we are shaken

Won't give 'til we've taken last breath


Red Money / Razor

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