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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Speed Merchants

Give me the weapons, I'll finish the job

I do what I have to, to win

killing the weak if they're not on my side

I don't know the meaning of sin

under command if you're paying my price

I'm paying your back with my skill

a hit man who deeds out the violence with ease

emotionless, customized kill

Take aim: open fire

I've still got drive and I've still got the fucking desire

Survivor of torture disturber of peace

fightning for reasons unknown

really don't care if I'm good or I'm bad

you pay me and I set the tone

like a cancerous cell infesting your blood

they still haven't found me a cure

victim circumstance, driven by greed

believe me, my hatred is pure

S.O.F., lives to be claimed

living in trenches and barrens untamed

S.O.F., treasonous crimes

motives uncertain a sign of the times

killing machine, evil regime, sinister dream, listen for screams,

paying my price, rolling the dice, should've thought twice

your neck I will slice

Take aim: open fire

I've still got the drive and I've still got the fucking desire

take aim: you'll pay

I've still got the will and i've still got the power to stay


Speed Merchants / Razor

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