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Cranial Stomp

I tell you that I'm brilliant, 'cause I know more than you

I tell you I'm not arrogant, because I know it's true

I tell you I'm a sadist, because I love to kill

I tell you I'm an asshole but I've got an iron will

I tell you I'm a genius, and I control your life

I tell you you're not listening and stab you with my knife

I tell You you're a dying man, I tell you that you're dead

I tell you I'm a liar, don't believe a word I said

Accidental damage when I was just a tyke

Head injury I suffered when I wiped out on my bike

Concussion changed my attitude and now I live to hate

Demented and disturbed, I try to tree me from my fate

I tell you I'm a preacher, and I will save your soul

A born again evangelist, I've got a TV show

I tell you 'send your money': redemption will be yours

I say you haven't sent enough, you'd better send some more

I've made a giant fortune by conning all these fools

The bible belters send the cash 'cause they believe my rules

No sympathy for morons, they really want to pay

I told them I'm a liar but they listened anyway

Evangelists and murderers are ruthless

They seem different but they're really the same

In different ways they prey on all the weaklings

In different ways they think it's just a game

Swaggert told the world that he was sorry

Bakker asked us all to forgive

knuckleheads still send in their money

Cause it's the only way they know how to live


Cranial Stomp / Razor

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