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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Nine Dead

You venture out to walk the streets

That no one else would dare

A blackened night, a faster pace

Running 'cause you're scared

A beating heart, a shortened breath

Won't see another day

You've had a taste, your first, your last

Your life's blood drains away

Cry Out, they'll never hear your screams

A DEATH, beyond your wildest dreams

Cold fear, you'll never break away

It's time, you and your kind will pay

He watches you with deadly eyes

To freeze you where you stand

Gripping terror, unholy threat

Bloodbath on command

Unseen shadow, silent now

Waiting for the kill

Caress your flesh with blade of steel

Desire for blood fulfilled

Hunts you down like easy prey

You'll never see the light of day

NIGHT ATTACK left in disgrace

NIGHT ATTACK begins the chase

Plots your death with deviation

Blood flow brings on strange sensation

NIGHT ATTACK you're paranoid

NIGHT ATTACK you're null and void

Controls your right to live or die

Barbaric torture, reason why

NIGHT ATTACK hangs on a thread

NIGHT ATTACK leaves you for dead

Fills your mind with disillusion

Silence starts the mass confusion

NIGHT ATTACK, he has the power

NIGHT ATTACK, your flesh devoured


Nine Dead / Razor

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