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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


Rebel racer speeding on

Will you ever reach the sun?

Blazing chrome, gleam machine

Fastest thing you've ever seen

Melting rubber clear a turn

You can smell the tires burn

Rapid speed, really steaming

Beyond the realms of death

With each unspoken breath

There's nothing you can't face

In a death race

Straightforeward course not hard to hold

Into the mists, nights so cold

You create a battle zone

Engine grinds to the bone

Smell of gas fills the air

Fuel leak, best beware

Driving hard, no second thought

Warning lights, don't get caught

Aiming for the blazing sun

So close he thinks the battle's won

Fuel blows from a single spark

Fireball lights up the dark

Rebel racer is no more

Battle's lost, black smoke and gore

Time forgets another soul

One more mark on the death toll

Beyond the realms of death

With each unspoken breath

Explosion leaves no trace

In a death race


Decibels / Razor

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