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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Tortured Skull

The Sons of Mayhem waiting

Time to start the fire

Volume overwhelming

Can't go any higher

Like a thunderhead above you

The storm is on it's way

With RAZOR 's edge we maim you

because we love to play

Time bomb explodes, time bomb blows

Time bomb expires, time bomb's on fire

Our amps are loud, no turning down

Metal in force, it takes it's course

Welcome to the slaughter,

I hope you're having fun

Living for the evening

We never see the sun

The party's getting started

The music's getting hot

Forget the non-believers

Work with what you've got

Chains, spikes, volume!

Time bomb takes it's toll

Speed, power, leather!

Metal rock 'n' roll

If you like it

Stand up for your rights!

Hold your fists up!

Heads will bang tonight!


Tortured Skull / Razor

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