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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Eve of the Storm

The mighty clash, no time for fear

All civil rights are lost

Death to all the innocent

The unborn are the cost

Trampling through the human waste

As hopeless as it seems

A driving force, an inner flame

Compels to me my dreams

Try to cut loose, try to break free

I just can't climb any higher

They're closing in, for the kill

Escape the fire

Crushing down the multitudes

The depths of hell ascend

Mist upon a moonlit sky

Fades to oblivion

Wretvhed captors force their way

On those who will not fight

Bloodstained vengeance rules their mind

The fire's burning bright

Obsessed with total anarchy

The battle rages on

Regimes shall fall to the ground

We must prove them wrong

Destruction levels city streets

Product of desire

I realize my fate is death

I can't escape the fire


Eve of the Storm / Razor

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