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Burning Bridges

Downtown Toronto a Saturday night

I'm looking to party 'til dawn

Just quit my job 'cause I can't take that bullshit

I never look back once I'm gone

I fought for my freedom, I'm nobody's slave

I'm just gonna answer to me

If that doesn't suit you then outta my way

'Cause a goof doesn't want to be free

They warned me to never burn bridges behind me

They told me that I was a fool

I told them if living means working forever

Then life is the stupidest rule

Wake up at seven, you're working at nine

What sadist invented this scheme,

Five out of seven each week of your life

'Cause you're working as part of a team

Your boss is an asshole controlling your life

Your paycheck your only concern

What a disaster you're wasting your life

Retiring once you've been burned

I know, you need money in order to live well

But why should you work 'til you're dead?

Burn up the bridges and find a way out

That's the smartest thing I've ever said


Burning Bridges / Razor

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