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Brass Knuckles

Pressure is building inside

Strengthening desire to kill

Tension rips through my veins

increasing hardcore hatred my will

Angered. I reach in my coat

My fingers find my weapon of brass

Planting. my fist in your face

A violence fix, I'm kicking your ass

Punch out your lights

Fist fighting every night

Fractured. your face

Left you a total disgrace

No one knows the life I've been living

No one really fucking cares

I used to try and mind my own business

Until I saw society stare

I took a look around at the world we both see

And all I saw were losers and scum

People living lives with no meaning

Alcoholics sucking down rum

Businessmen in suits with no purpose

Politicians milking the crowd

Family men just working their balls off

Old folks with their tv's too loud

My parents wish that I was a doctor

At least a person they could respect

My parents want to know why I turned out wrong

They wont to know why I'm not correct

All I can say Is that I live my way

And if that doesn't satisfy you

I'II wear my pair of solid brass knuckles

And I'II use 'em 'til my time is through


Brass Knuckles / Razor

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