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Below The Belt

They called me a liar, a cheat and a thief

they called me a sleaze and a creep

they said I was stupid, they said I was wrong

they told me my brain was asleep

they new all along that I'd take revenge

get even for all of their lies

the truth doesn't hurt as much as this dirt

so now I must plot their demise

Don't: don't critisize or try to be wise

or I'll kick you in the teeth

don't: don't make me fight, at least not tonight

or they'll be laying your wreath

Don't know who they are but they can't be far

so I'll hurt them down and make 'em pay

I've heard it before, I've heard it too much

I heard it only yesterday

they think they are smart, thy think they're tough

well let 'em say it to my face

cause when I am through, I'll promise you

below the belt, my fist I'll place


Below The Belt / Razor

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