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Bad Vibrations

Why does everyone I know oct stupid when they're drunk?

They talk too loud, slur their words, throw up on my rug

They fall downstairs but they can't feel the bruises they receive

Pissing in my garbage can, can't wait until they leave

I never learn

I threw the party, bought the booze, got whet I deserved

Didn't think they'd wreck my house, never seen such nerve

Now I'II spend the next two days repairing all my stuff

Get the disinfectant out, I hope I bought enough

Puke stains permanently in my rug

Won't fade no matter how hard I scrub


Next time there's a party I'II be sure it's somewhere else

Revenge is mine when I show up. I'm gonna wreck your house

Enjoy the panic stricken look on someone else's face

Nothing's gonna stop me from destroying your whole place


Bad Vibrations / Razor

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