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American Luck

Started out with nothing except the urge to play

Just me and my big ego gonna make it big one day

I never had the money. I didn't have a car

I had to bust my ass at work to save for my guitars

Born a Canadian

Didn't come from the USA

The odds are all against me. nobody will defend me

From bogus bands with cash who just can't play

American luck

Too bad we're Canucks

People think I'm famous but the thought is just absurd

I've made a lot of albums but I don't think that you've heard

If I was American I guess I'd be a star

A victim of the Great White North, completely battlescarred

I've never been a big shot but the fact is that I've tried

We've seen our name in lights but we're never satisfied

Don't live a life of luxury but hold on to your hopes

Each time you buy my albums I can buy a pack of smokes


American Luck / Razor

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