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 Razor Razorгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш


Corruption of the innocent, in battles of the past

Revolves around an incident, in which the mold was cast

A case of taking orders, a madman in command

Thousands upon thousands destroyed by his own hand

KILL: they're sent to die

KILL: no reason why

KILL: but who's to blame

KILL: who'll face the shame

He's somewhere in hiding, his fate they're deciding

For years they've been hunting him down

A forty year void, yet they want him destroyed

The Angel Of Death can't be found

Relies upon his allies to keep him safe and sound

In some foreign country, there's rumour he's been found

They send special forces to grab him if they can

Their plot has been discovered, he's escaped again

Wanted for his war crimes by descendents of the dead

Never ending search, high price on his head

A weak and aging demon, he's only skin and bone

But those who carry grudges

Won't leave him alone


A.o.d. / Razor

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