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K?Ss Mich Fellfrosch Kiss Me Furryfrog

She always keeps still

because she wants to be fingered

she puffs herself up in the dry grass

the moist little eyes become wet

Caught in the darkness

she never sees the light of the sun

she begs, twitching of lewdness

her tongue inside the man

Kiss me

She bites in every tongue tightly

because she enjoys letting herself be licked

but because it tastes a bit bitter

she is seldom kissed

Caught in...

Kiss me

Now the tongue crawls out of the mouth

and hits her, wild in ecstasy

several times violently in her face

she is bleeding terribly from her nose

Caught in...

Kiss me

on my moist lips

kiss me

even if it tastes bitter

kiss me


K?Ss Mich Fellfrosch Kiss Me Furryfrog / Rammstein

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