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Lady Of The Lake

There's a magical sound sliding over the ground

Making it shiver and shake Refrain 1

And a permanent cry falling out to the sky

Slippery and sly like a snake

With a delicate move kind of shifty and smooth

A shadow has covered light Refrain 2

Then e beam in the shade from a silvery blade

Has shattered the edge of the night


I know she waits below

Only to rise on command

When she comes for me

She's got my life in her hands

When a movement behind hit the side of my mind

I trembled and shook it away

Then another assault and I started to faulter

Fibres of steel turned to clay

With a bubbly turn now the water should churn

And push it way from the core

And a lady in white will bring sun the night

Brighter than ever before


Lady of the lake

Refrain 1

Refrain 2


Straight down I'm swirling around

Blinded and bruised by the strain

There must be some way to see

Diamonds out of the rain


Lady of the lake


Lady Of The Lake / Рэйнбоу

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