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 Рэйнбоу РэйнбоуБританско-американская рок-группа

Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

It's only been an hour

Since he locked her in the tower

The time has come

He must be undone

By the morning

Many times before

The tyrant's opened up the door

Then someone cries

Still we close our eyes

Not again

Meet me when the sun is in the western skies

The fighting must begin before another someone dies

Cross bows in the fire light

Greensleeves waving

Madman raving

Through the shattered night

Flames are getting higher

Make it leap unto the spire

Draw bright down

Cut it to the ground

We shall dance around the fire

No more night

We have seen the light

Let it shine on bright

Hang him higher


Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Рэйнбоу

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