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P 5000

What the fuck are you to treat like some fake-ass bitch oh I

4see that i'll fuckin kill you like a pig on the streets while fuckin'

wit my bitch (Fuck you) you just can't have sex because No fx

means fuck all you marmalede fans uhhh my name ain't Hans

like that Fake-ass motherfucker known as (I don't really give a

shit)whoever he is he can't fuck wit me fallin like a p-5000 bitch

'cause I ain't really gonna stitch a really fucked bitch if you're

fucked don't fuck my Ruca or she gonna hit ya in the nuca like

a whore in the back of a horse Get back the power and let me

rock my porno tapes for an hour (77 million dollars made)

Fuck you P-5000


P 5000 / Rage

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