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Ар Келли Ар КеллиУспешный музыкант 1990-х, работавший в стиле ритм-энд-блюз.

Victory Or Death


No mothafuckin mercy for tha new millennium

It's Victory or Death

I'm tha Twista in this bitch

Mothafuckas talkin 'bout styles and shit

And who bit what and who made what

Nigga fuck all y'all styles

I'm fina set this shit off like this here

Chitowns murderous mob gothic

Hard knock it give me tha mothafuckin ammunition I'll coq it

Respected like i'm one of Gods prophets

Gotta put it down for legit ballaz and you don't think

That i'll rock it annihilate that nigga

'Cuz like a lamb I was sacrificed for this verbal murder religion

Imprisioned by my hunger to succeed

By the heart I be driven

No shakin, no shiverin, get your shit to bleed

Reciting street literature, shall i spit tha creed

Now who them mothafuckaz talkin 'bout bitin

Go get me the pump, out of my trunk, I'm finna buss

Y'all better run punk

Fuck where you got your style from I be the one

Rippin the track and I'm murderin

I'm in the middle of killin 'em off when the guns dump

With a young pump two to the brain don't even harm me

You fuckin every party, you wont even startle

You' the harder crew of lyrical giants

Turnin mothafuckaz like u to microscopic particles

To hype, to stop it the modules on cruise control

Ride out on these niggas-bitches-ho's

Ain't takin no titles I instantly bruise your soul

Talkin that shit to me- trigger vicious flows

Get to rippin my clothes and start snappin like I'm

Sniffin shit up the nose, and catchin convulsions

Till i'm trembling no surrendering start shootin and

Knockin mothafuckaz out like Benalyn

Reminiscin' on that adrenaline

Oh, now you rememberin

Overdose 'em on poisonous poetry from the west to the wild y'al

Ар Келли

Victory Or Death / Ар Келли

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