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Ар Келли Ар КеллиУспешный музыкант 1990-х, работавший в стиле ритм-энд-блюз.

I Mean (I Dont Mean It)


Yeah, like I was saying

I ain't, ya know what

I'm not tryin' to say things to hurt you

You know what I'm saying

I don't wanna hurt you, baby

Just sometimes you do things

That push me to say things I don't wanna say

You know what I'm saying?

You know I love you

You know I care about you

This time, you just brought it on yourself

Yo, check it out

Now I shoulda been more man

About the way things went down

Especially since we been dealin'

For like seven years now

I've been slowly, slowly bringing you down

No conversation, no good sex in a while

But still you search and find a way

To love me somehow

Even though I ride, you still trust me somehow

Got my faces, some ice and a tie

Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly goin' down

(I don't mean it) When I hollar at you

(I don't mean it) When I say that we're through

(I don't mean it) What I'm takin' you through

(I don't mean it) Baby

(I don't mean it) Said I'm sorry

(I don't mean it) Can you find a way to forgive me

(I don't mean it) Said I went to church this morning

(I don't mean it) I don't mean it

Running around here talking about

How I'm a big player now

Hidden in corners, blinging out our share

Kelly makin' hits now

Thinking about this industry

And how I put it out

You were there for me

When I used dish rags for ties

There's times that I didn't hear you

I was talkin' too loud

When I didn't come home

I was hanging with the crowd

Whenever we fight I try to win every round

Can you find a way to forgive me now

(I don't mean it) Cuz I don't mean it


Ар Келли

I Mean (I Dont Mean It) / Ар Келли

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