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Been Around the World

f Ja Rule


I been around the world

And gets nothin but love

For who I am

I thank my fans so much

Even though some may hate

Still I appreciate

All my friends and family

That kept it real with me

[R. Kelly]

I been around the world and back like whut up

East side to west side tourin like whut up

And even though the price for the house was so much

I still roll with them from the hood like whut up

Cuz when it comes to bein the realest I'm sho nuff

Im a straight up industry villain fo sho nuff

And I cant satisfy some of ya'll no matter what

And some a yall cats are soldier love

Said we livin in a cold cold world

Aint nuttin but fake faces fake people fake friends

Said we livin in a cold cold world

Where there aint nuttin but envy wannabees playa-hatas

Yea I know I need a hug but ya'll need a hug too

Cuz God gunna judge me the same day he judge you

And even though we have our struggles that's alright

You know we ghetto folks is gon' find a way to shine


[Ja Rule]

Sometimes... this world can be so cold

When you looking through the windows of the soul

I been looking to see the truth as it unfolds

Cuz I been around this globe and back enough to know the fact

Who loves me and who loves me not

We be shit's so hot you could put it in red tops

And pump it through every hood, ghetto, and block

Until they heart stops that's why they fear for me

And I thank you for every blessing that you givin me lord

And I'm grateful for all my talent and my vocal accords

And all these hatas I keep shakin em off

Rubbin they face in fame I'm sorry I changed the game

But its mine and I cant complain

Rule and R Kelly, "Been

Ар Келли

Been Around the World / Ар Келли

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