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Ар Келли Ар КеллиУспешный музыкант 1990-х, работавший в стиле ритм-энд-блюз.

Gotham City Remix

Gotham city for the ghetto ghetto [2x]

Uhhh Yo yo! Everybody's talking

about the good old days [2x]

Huh I remember when me and my brothers

we used to sit up on the poarch in the

summertime and just talk about just making it

You know what I'm saying being successful

following up our dreams you know and I

I believe that's every kids dream

you know what I'm saying to rise and

be somebody but damn!

Sometimes we just get caught up

I ain't got no money

And I ain't got no friends

Looks like my world is coming to an end

No food on the table, no clothes on my back

No shoes on my feet and

I just bearly got a used cadillac

Now ain't that ghetto for ya

But somehow it's gotta change yeahh

ghetto for ya

So I took this remix and

rearranged gotham city


City of love a city of peace

for everyone of us

'Cause we all need it,

can't live without it

Gothamcity for the ghetto yeah!

Gotham city for the ghetto,

that's what I'm talking 'bout

Ghettofabulous, to a nigga health be hazardous

If you wanna test raffiness for the respect

S.T.R.I.N.G.S. Yes. (ohh yeah)

Fuck the rest give me the best

Why should I have to settle for less

When I could push the V-12's with finesse

(scratching) and all that mess

If you try to hold me back

would I keep on strugling till I hit the sky.

Even if you wanted to you can't deny

Gotta feed babygirl who would die

We keep talking about escalating

Well who's gonna go first

Guess I'll be the one to step up

If you don't follow me it would be the worst

Everytime something goes down

Somebody's crying ghetto tears

Hope I'm not raining on your parade

But this is not what keeping it really is

Now ain't that ghetto for ya

But somehow it's gotta change yeahh!

Ghetto for ya,

So I took this remix and rearranged

a gotham city


Check it out

Now motherfucka wanna act surprised

'Cause you're afraid to change scared to rise

That's why you ass get left behind

They got a sight, they got a mind

'Cause ain't nobody gonna stop the dream

Talk that shit, block my cream

Negativity you gotta let go

Heaven gotta see for the ghetto

We all need hey hey hey

Gothamcity for the ghetto yeah

Calling on heaven

Send your love down, to the ghetto yeah

Talking about a land where ohh yeah

Where there will be no more crying,

no more crying now oh yeah

A place where we could all just get along yeah

And children will sing ghetto love songs

In a land where (city of love)

In a land where (for every one of us

Ар Келли

Gotham City Remix / Ар Келли

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