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Элвис Пресли Элвис ПреслиЛегенда рок-н-ролла

Golden Coins

Say you're mine, then ask me what you will

All your dreams, my darling I'll fulfill

Golden coins, I will bring to you

Silver trinkets and rubies too

In return dear I'm begging you

For the pleasures of love

I'll bring gifts, like you never saw

Priceless garments that you'll adore

Persian rugs to enhance your floor

For the pleasures of love

Darling, choose anything you please

Rich brocade, or woven tapestries

In exchange, I plead on my knees

For the pleasure of love

Golden coins, I'll place at your feet

Precious jewels to make life complete

All my treasures are yours my sweet

For the pleasures of love

Элвис Пресли

Golden Coins / Элвис Пресли

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