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Stolen Life


Wake up in the morning go to work

Fire up the truck and drive to Sonoma

Hop on the forklift

Fill up the truck with ten thousand pounds of newspaper

Ten thousand pounds of racist, trash, and lies

Drive the truck back to Santa Rosa put the newspaper in the recycle

So the rich white man can print out the same batch of lies

Again and again and again and again and again and again and again

It's too bad the cops had to kill that man

But he had a broomstick and he was Asian

We know they're all samurai warriors

They're all kung fu masters

They're all just like Jackie Chan

It's too bad the cops had to restrain his wife

Cause she was a registered nurse and she tried to save his life

But that would go against rules and regulations

To just forget at 2 at night

We're so proud of our boys in blue

Cause they always do what's right

I saw Eileen today

I saw her children play in the courtyard

Lately it occurred to me

How does a mama tell her children their dad got killed by the police?


It's too bad the cops had to kill that kid

But someone called in a stolen walkman

The cops they chased him down but he refused to lie face on the ground

And he just walked away

The cop said,


Stolen Life / Пинк

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