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 Пинк Пинкпоп звезда


chorus (x2)

why everytime i try to tell

you how i feel

it's like a hiccup cup-cup

it just won't come, come

soon as i think i'm 'bout to

share my loving

that's when the hiccups come in

verse 1

you're like a cough on a rainy day

you know the kind

that gives

you chest pains, yeah

and just as things start to feel ok

then here you come

to bring the rain

you hold me hard and

you squeeze me tight

you let me go then you pick a fight

you make me wanna scream, cry,

and shout out loud

boy you got me spinning

round and round

chorus (x2)

verse 2

my thoughts,

they're kinda shaky

everytime i get around you,

sweet baby

sometimes, i don't know

what i'm trying to say

just tell me baby,

tell me things are gonna be ok

chorus (X2)


i get all choked up inside,

and i don't know what to say

sometimes i wanna

just run and hide

but you just stand in my way

chorus (x2)

vamp (x2)

why everytime i tell you

how i feel it's like a


and you know the deal

pink don't think before she speaks,

but you go tme

feelin', feelin', feelin', kinda weak

chorus (x4


Hiccup / Пинк

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