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Do What U Do

verse 1

some people like the

summer when it's hot

some people like the winter cold

some people speak their minds

when they wanna

some other people ain't so bold

whatever it is that

u do u should do

so when u doin yo

thang it's cause u wanna

and they never

can ask u why - i say


do what u do

say what u say

mean what you mean when you say it

cause, it's yo life gotta

make yo own rules

yeah u gotta do it your way i say


verse 2

some like it easy when

others like it rough

but ain't nobody gotta like it but u

boy girl girl boy girl girl boy boy

whatever u should do what u do

how can they tell u that

u should've could've would've

when ask em can they walk

in yo shoes

cause it's yo life and u do

what u wanna

remember baby

it's all about u, i say



so if it's on yo mind

then u should speak yo peace

and say what u say and

if u want it done then u

should get it done and

do it your way (repeat)

chorus out


Do What U Do / Пинк

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