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Филипп Коллинз Филипп КоллинзМузыкант, композитор, вокалист группы 'Genesis'

Cant Find My Way

'...To try to do the right thing...always the right thing.'

I've been doing some thinking, here on my own

it's been on my mind

this debt I owe to you

I have to repay in kind

But I can't find my way

Tired and weary, I follow the path

that leads to your door

but it occurred to me, all that I have

is already yours

But I can't find my way

Oh, just to sit a while

Oh, just to sit and watch you smile

But I can't find my way

Keep the faith you say

to keep the faith I pray

be strong you say

just follow the light

Wheels keep turning but the close I get

the farther I seem

peace will only come

finding the peace within

But I can't find my way

Филипп Коллинз

Cant Find My Way / Филипп Коллинз

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